These publications are for cadets who want to study at home to improve coursework knowledge and as planning tools for the cadet staff.

THS Cadet Handbook is a pocket reference guide for cadets containing MCJROTC related information. The pages are formatted for mass printing.

The Program of Instruction contains the course of instruction used in MCJROTC, by year group. The SMI and MI have authority to change the course of instruction to improve on weak areas and maintain relevancy to the overall program objectives at their schools.

P1020.34G is the Marine Corps Uniform Regulation for proper wear, fit, and display of the uniforms used by the United States Marine Corps and are directly applicable to MCJROTC uniforms.

MCO P5060.20W is the Marine Corps Drill Manual. Manual of Arms with the Daisy Drill Rifle is found in the FM 3-21.5 Army Drill and Ceremony Manual Appendix D which is for the Springfield 1903 service rifle.

Marine Corps Flag Manual. Contains drill procedures for the Color Guard.

Youth Physical Fitness Program Booklet contains the rules and scoring charts for the Youth Physical Fitness Test.

Operational Risk Management
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Tahquitz HS Student Handbook

Tahquitz MCJROTC Awards Manual (draft version). Contains information regarding MCJROTC ribbons, medals, and badges.