Orientation Visit

Tahquitz HS MCJROTC invaded MCB Camp Pendleton for their Orientation Visit this year. Singing cadences and shouting motivational phrases, people turned heads toward the source of the ruckus as our bus made its way through the gates and headed to our destination. And what better way to start the week than our first stop...the chow hall! Monday was a holiday so they were serving a brunch with both breakfast AND lunch items on the menu.

50 cadets, four civilian chaperons (i.e. "parents") and the two instructors occupied both floors of the barracks. The day was filled with team building and leadership problem solving exercises. The bus returned the second day to take us to the Assault Amphibian School where cadets literally crawled all over the AAV provided for their tour. After a short visit to the Amphious Museum, we went to Assault Craft Unit-5 for an exciting tour of the Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) vehicles. We received a special surprise when an LCAC was recalled from a mission and had to come ashore. Cadets donned their eye protection and ear plugs and watched an LCAC in action "on cushion" as it taxied through the wash racks and parked nearby. After lunch, we had a little drill on the parade deck to work off some calories then reported to the Marksmanship Training Unit at Camp Margarita for the Indoor Simulated Marksmanship Trainer (ISMT); firing laser configured rifles, pistols, and machine guns at targets projected on a wall, was the ultimate video game. Day 3 was a morning of PT and an afternoon tour of the Brig. Cadets "let their hair down" the last night as each squad performed a comedy skit poking fun at someone or something that rang all too familiar with everyone in the audience. Our final day was indeed a full event as cadets geared up and tackled the leadership reaction course which had real life style emergency scenarios that had to be solved to save lives while minimizing risk to friendly troops. A final treat came when cadets were issued MREs for their final meal. Marines showed them how to open, heat, and properly handle the much popular meal in a bag. Special thanks to our parent chaperons who made the trip possible and for helping facilitate the leadership activities.