Boot Camp Challenge, MCRD San Diego26 Sep 2009
Eight cadets took up the challenge and ran the 3 mile obstacle course known as Boot Camp Challenge at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego. We departed around 0600 for the 1.5 hour drive in the school van and arrived in plenty of time for the race. Approximately 3,000 participate in the run and thousands more come just to watch. The starting area had a carnival atmosphere with vendors selling souvenirs and sponsors giving away freebies from fruit snacks and sports drinks to T-shirts. We started with two teams of four cadets but one team lost two members due to fatigue and did not not finish. The rules required that all team members cross the finish line at the same time. Drill Instructors lined the entire course and *gently* prodded runners along the course. I watched with more than just a little amusement as one DI rounded up a group of about 20 walking participants and made them all drop and do 25 pushups...ALL of them.

After the run, the cadets relaxed on the grass eating/drinking their freebies. A passing drill instructor was kind enough to stop and make them do squad pushups so they would realize one cannot always completely relax. Actually, he was responding to their request for a photo op. After a quick PR photo on the HMMWV we packed into the van for the drive home. A quick stop at IN-OUT BURGERS for lunch and a short nap in the van by a few, we returned safely to Tahquitz.

Special thanks to Marine Corps Community Services for their generous sponsorship of our teams.

Bravo Zulu to all hands who particpated.